We are delighted to announce that from 2023, Stamford will become fully co-educational at all stages. For more information, please visit Stamfordcoed.org

The Learning Support Department aims to help students gain the confidence and academic skills required to become successful, independent learners. We are a friendly, experienced team committed to ensuring that students are supported to reach their full academic potential. The academic support on offer comes in many forms including:

  • Learning support assistants helping students in subject lessons
  • Delivering small group or individual intervention sessions outside of normal lesson time
  • Delivering small group or individual support lessons during lesson time
  • Mentoring older students to develop effective study skills

Our Schools work closely together, both with each other and with other schools to ensure a smooth transition and continued support for those students arriving at the Stamford with identified learning needs.

Assessing Learning Difficulties

For some of our pupils, a specific learning difficulty may only become apparent when academic demands increase as they move up through the school. For this reason, we operate an ‘open door’ policy so that every student has the reassurance of knowing that they can access help from members of the learning support department if they start to experience difficulties related to their learning. When a concern regarding a pupil who is not on our register is raised by subject teachers, the pupil themselves or by their parents, a specialist learning support teacher will conduct a learning review and where appropriate administer diagnostic assessments to establish potential barriers to learning. The information gathered is then used to develop relevant support strategies.

We value working in close partnership with our mainstream colleagues and with parents as this is vital to achieving the best outcomes for our students. Engaging in professional dialogue concerning the specific difficulties of individual students, passing on diagnostic assessment results and advising on the most appropriate strategies to meet individual needs ensure that teachers are adept at supporting the students they teach. The Head of Learning Support is in regular contact with the parents of students receiving additional learning support and welcomes communication from any parent who has concerns about their child’s learning needs.

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