Around a third of our boarders are from Forces families. Our Forces parents are serving across the UK and internationally, including a large number from our nearby RAF bases Wittering, Waddington, Molesworth and Alconbury. We work with military families to ensure you can see your child when you return from deployment – be that to take your child out to lunch, go out in the evenings, or have a weekend visit.

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We have total peace of mind that Stamford is the right place for our son and daughter. It provides the stability they need as our location changes. They are happy, we are happy, and we know that, not only are they getting a great education, but they are in a caring environment with a great level of support and a real understanding of the lives of military families.

Mr and Mrs Godfrey Parent

I would recommend the Schools especially for military families. They cater to you. My experience has been so fantastic, I’d want other people to have the same. The School is accepting and always there for you.

Chloe Smyth Y12 Student

The breadth of things to do, the intimacy of the boarding house, the extra-curricular weekend activities, the list goes on. For me I love to see the pictures on the blog, when they don’t know they are being photographed - the smiles and laughter are heart-warming and fill us with confidence that we made absolutely the right decision.

Mrs Portlock Forces Parent

Social Programme

A busy and active social programme will enable your child to have as full a life as they would if they were at home with you.  We encourage them to visit friends, or if they want, to stay overnight with other day pupils or go out to events outside the school.  Boarders develop strong friendship groups. They can socialise in the town of Stamford, take part in sports or club activities, exercise in the gym, and go on weekend trips.

Social Programme

Pastoral care

Pastoral care is offered by our boarding house team, including House Parents, Tutors, Matrons and teachers. Additional support is provided by the Chaplain, and the School counsellors, who can give your child help and guidance.  

Pastoral care

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