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Sports Scholars should be ambassadors for sport who will make a full contribution to the sporting life of the Schools throughout their time here. At Year 7 we offer the “Talented Athlete Development Award” and at Year 9 and above a full Sports Scholarship is awarded.

Pupils will be awarded a scholarship if they are competing in a sport which the Schools play competitively. All applicants should also demonstrate high levels of physical prowess and personal characteristics of resilience, perseverance, hard work. All candidates should be able to demonstrate a high level of performance in their chosen sports, which should include a major game and, or, an individual pursuit.

Talented Athlete Development Award

In Year 7, athletes are still developing their skills and the Talented Athlete Development Programme has been developed in line with emerging best practice to accelerate their potential at this stage in their sporting careers. Talented Athlete Development Award holders will specifically benefit from:

  • Individual mentoring by the Head of their particular sport(s) and guidance and technical support where appropriate.
  • Regular feedback and developmental coaching sessions.
  • Regular educational sport science lectures.

Pupils who are invited to join this programme will be mentored through Years 7 and 8 and, where appropriate, encouraged to apply for a Year 9 Sports Scholarship or a continuation of a sport extension programme.

Talented Athlete Development Award

Sports Scholarship

Sport will be the priority of a sports scholar in terms of the co-curricular programme but this will not exclude them from participating in other activities. Sports Scholars will specifically benefit

  • Participation in an intellectual sport development programme, looking at researching wider issues in sport and theory behind performance.
  • Special guidance and advice on physical performance and conditioning including specialist training programmes where appropriate.
  • Mentoring by the Head of their particular sport(s) and guidance and technical support where appropriate.
  • Monitoring with regards to lifestyle, academic commitments and support, where appropriate, that includes liaison with governing bodies, counties and academies.
  • Priority for opportunities for elite coaching by visiting experts.
  • Priority for participation on sports teams where space is limited.
Sports Scholarship

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