We are delighted to announce that from 2023, Stamford will become fully co-educational at all stages. For more information, please visit Stamfordcoed.org

Within the art departments at the Stamford Endowed Schools you will find the opportunity to explore all aspects of Art & Design. You will gain experience in everything from painting and drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, textile design, animation, digital photography and Photoshop. We don’t have a “house style” and we cater for all approaches from figurative to abstract to conceptual – you could even invent a whole new art form! Art Clubs and Support Surgeries run daily and there is always someone on hand to give you advice and guidance. The Art Departments are situated in well equipped spaces consisting of three specialist rooms and a Sixth Form Studio. Numbers are growing every year with 5 GCSE classes,  and 3 groups in each year at A Level.

Skills in the Department

Staff experience across both departments are considerable and varied and we have a vast range of skills from the art and design industries. Our teachers have worked as interior designers, graphic designers, illustrators and within the architecture industry.

Skills in the Department

Why Art

The main purpose of Art & Design is to develop your ability to appreciate the visual world and to enable you to respond in a personal and creative way. The Art Department staff devise and implement projects which encourage you to:

  • Question all preconceived notions of art and personal ability.
  • Trust your creative instincts.
  • Express your ideas and feelings through the controlled use of a broad range of materials and techniques.
  • Investigate and relate to all the evolutionary processes that are inherent in the development of good artwork.
  • Articulate issues relating to the work of other artists from a variety of cultures, past and present.

The Art Department has high expectations, believing that everyone can be an artist and that every student has the potential to produce work of the highest standard!

Richard Harris Art Scholarship

Art Scholars should be ambassadors for art who will make a full contribution to the artistic life of the Schools throughout their time here. The Richard Harris Art Scholarship is awarded to students who can demonstrate range of both observational and experimental pieces, created both inside and outside of the classroom. Art Scholars will specifically benefit from;

  • Mentoring by the Head of Art and ongoing guidance and technical support.
  • Specialist guidance and advice on artistic and creative development.
  • Advice on and encouragement to enter local and national art competitions.
  • Support in the development of portfolios for entry to Higher Education and Further Education.
  • Extended access to the Art facilities at the Stamford Endowed Schools.
  • Extra opportunities to attend art exhibitions.
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Richard Harris Art Scholarship

Co-curricular Art

Lunchtime clubs run daily, afterschool and Saturday sessions also run every week throughout the academic year to help you develop your work further. Workshops this year have focused on photography, ceramics and illustration. These lunchtime clubs attract up to 150 students each week and every student has the chance to benefit from the exciting range of extracurricular opportunities, even if they aren’t studying the subject at GCSE or A Level.

Co-curricular Art

Trips & Visits

Both national and international trips give our students a wide range of opportunities to experience other cultures and artwork. Visiting artists and workshops have also given students real life experiences of what it is like to be an artist whilst expanding their experiences in materials and techniques.

Where Next for Old Stamfordians?

Previous students have gone on to study a varied range of art and design disciplines at universities across the country including UAL, Glasgow, Loughborough, Leeds and Falmouth. Course choices have included;

  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation
  • Fine Art
  • Foundation
  • Product Design
  • Games Design

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