Welcome to Stamford

The Stamford Endowed Schools incorporates Stamford Nursery School; Stamford Junior School, for boys and girls age 2-11; Stamford High School, for girls age 11- 18; and Stamford School, for boys age 11 – 18. Students in the Sixth Form are taught in co-educational classes across both the senior school sites.

This combination of co-educational and single sex education at different stages of a child’s development is known as a “diamond” model. Between the ages of 11-16, by teaching our students in single-sex environments we can tailor the teaching more closely to the needs, interests and learning styles of each class, and help to minimise distractions. Staff in each school are also expert in the pastoral care required by boys or girls. Students work together during some co-curricular activities, such as music, drama, CCF and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, and those who board with us will often share joint activities during the weekends.

Welcome to Stamford

Heads of School

Each School is led by its own Head and Senior Leadership Team. Mr Matthew O’Reilly is Head of Stamford Junior School; Mrs Vicky Buckman is Head of Stamford High School, and Mr Nick Gallop is Headmaster of Stamford School. Mr Will Phelan is Principal of the Stamford Endowed Schools.

Being part of a community of three Schools provides strength to our educational offering. Each School has a Head, who makes sure that a pupil’s life at school is rewarding, successful and enjoyable. The combined experience and expertise of all three Heads, means that we are able to harness an individual’s talent to create a learning environment that suits everyone.

Matthew O’Reilly

Head of Stamford Nursery School
and Stamford Junior School
(Girls and Boys 2-11)

Vicky Buckman

Head of Stamford High School
(Girls 11-18)

Nick Gallop

Head of Stamford School
(Boys 11-18)

All three of the schools have their own campus and facilities just a few minutes’ walk from the centre of Stamford. Although each has its own character and traditions, they share an ethos: to build a team around our students, to light fires in them, and to develop the Stamfordian spirit.

Our schools have been part of the town of Stamford for almost five centuries, but our educational philosophy is focused on preparing young people to lead happy, fulfilling lives in the 21st century.

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