We are delighted to announce that from 2023, Stamford will become fully co-educational at all stages. For more information, please visit Stamfordcoed.org

At the Stamford Junior School our warm, honest and vibrant ethos pervades throughout; palpable and remarked upon by all who visit us. We talk about ‘sharing the smiles’ and ‘letting your light shine’ and the team around your child are fully committed to promoting positivity, independence and intellectual curiosity.

Welcome from the Head

Stamford Junior School Headteacher Matthew OReilly

Our Junior School is a forward-thinking, bright and vibrant community of learners – distinctively unstuffy, open, inquiring and curious.

At Stamford Junior School, everything we do is driven by your child’s learning and development. From their first days in nursery, we take your child’s interests as the starting point. By responding to the tiny details that capture our pupils’ imaginations, and being agile and adaptable in how we build our programme, our staff inspire exceptional engagement with learning.

Our work is a partnership with our parents, and we will work with you to find, ignite and support your child’s passions.  Junior School is every child’s greatest chance to discover as many new things as possible – to try interests and activities on for size, and to spend every day discovering that the world is bigger and more exciting than they imagined.

We have a clear purpose in our learning and, although your child should never feel undue pressure, they will learn to understand that excellence is a positive. We make sure every child understands excellence as striving to achieve their own personal best: not to measure themselves against the goals or performance of others, but to build on yesterday’s experiences to go even further today.

Above all, we value happiness. Happiness comes from the confidence of being supported, understood and listened to. It comes from taking on and succeeding in new challenges that seemed impossible yesterday. It comes from being valued as an individual. It comes from feeling secure in a community that values kindness, effort and curiosity.

We are that community. We would love to welcome you, and help you discover Stamford Junior School.

Matthew O’Reilly
Headteacher of Stamford Junior School

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Take an Adventure with Spede and learn more about life at Stamford Junior School in our interactive prospectus.

There’s lots of ways for all the family to learn and explore along the journey; help Sophie Squirrel to draw bugs and insects, fill in the blanks with Freddie Fox’s cross word, and make sure to find all the hidden spots to stick your stickers!

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The curriculum provided is broad, balanced and stimulating, to enable all our children to achieve their best. We aim to promote a love of learning and joy in discovery, both essential aspects of our ‘Independent Learning, Intellectual Curiosity’ (ILIC) ethos. The National Curriculum is followed but with the addition of a great deal more. For instance, the majority will play a musical instrument and the children experience an exciting introduction to Modern Foreign Languages, focusing on Spanish and French. Sporting opportunities are of an exceptionally high standard and exciting educational visits, including residential ones, develop independence and broaden horizons.

Academic Curriculum


We nurture the academic and social growth of our children, whilst enriching them with values which emphasise community and responsibility. We believe a child can only give their best when they feel safe, confident, valued and that every child’s strengths and passions are recognised. This belief inspires and drives our diverse and engaging academic and co-curricular programme, which in turn facilitates different mediums through which the children can express and discover themselves.

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Pupil wellbeing is given the highest priority at Stamford Junior School. The pastoral leader (Deputy Head), supported by all staff, oversees the welfare of the children and provides a personal and approachable support for families throughout their time at the School. Parents and children are encouraged to speak to class teachers, form teachers and the full-time school nurses about any worries, however small. It is fundamental that every child at the School is known as an individual and any issues are quickly picked up.

Pupil Wellbeing


At Stamford, we understand that a balanced diet helps our pupils to perform to the best of their ability, both academically and outside of the classroom. All food at Stamford Junior School is produced with no additional salt, and limited sugars and fats.

Our meals run on a 3-week cycle and are cooked freshly on-site each day. Lunches are included in our fees.


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Don't just take our word for it...

Stamford Junior School is a lovely homely strong values school with great facilities and a strong leadership team as well as a well-oiled office/ administrative team which is imperative for busy parents like myself who value how the school communicates so clearly with parents.

Leila Benton-Jones Current Parent

The new Early Years reception classes made our transfer from the Nursery a smooth one and we love the integration of indoor and outdoor learning through play.

Stamford Junior School Parent 2018

The ethos of the school is that of a forward thinking rounded education of character and mind. My children are encouraged to develop their own capabilities through a range of experiences, activities, taught lessons, collaborative projects and challenges. SJS realize all children are very different but they take the time to work each child out so they can maximize their educational journey.

Cory Fuller Current Parent

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