We are delighted to announce that from 2023, Stamford will become fully co-educational at all stages. For more information, please visit Stamfordcoed.org

At Stamford Junior School, we believe that every pupil should have access to a quality sports programme that includes a variety of opportunities to be active and healthy. The School prides itself on its pupil’s participation levels and offers a broad and balanced package including PE lessons, minor and major sports, rotation sessions and a vast extra-curricular programme. As previously stated, our mantra is “Sport for All” and we are confident that your child will find something that will engage them and keep them interested in physical activity or sport as they advance through the Junior School and into their teenage years.

The Sports department has a wealth of experience in several sports with many teachers and coaches recognised at a national level in their respective fields. This includes Mr Dean Headley (England International Cricketer), Mr Ben Slack (Mixed England Hockey Players), Mr Richard Lang (Bath Rugby & England U18 International Rugby Player), Mr Simon Fell (International Masters Runner) and Mr Matthew Williams (England U16 Cricketer). The sports program is also very lucky to have a variety of other SES specialist staff incorporated into the timetable. Mr Buckmaster (SES Director of Hockey), Mr Laventure (SES Director of Rugby), Mr Kirkpatrick (SS Head of Sport), Mrs Bewers (SHS Head of Sport) and Miss Compton (SES Director of Netball) are all part of the timetable and the pupils hugely benefit from their inclusion and expertise.

Below is a brief glimpse into your child’s potential Sporting Journey at Stamford Junior School:


The Junior School has roughly 12 acres of sports space, including 2 cricket squares, 6 netball/tennis courts, hockey Astroturf, athletics field, gymnasium and swimming pool. Pupils also have access to the facilities at Stamford School and Stamford High School, including the 25m pool and additional sports pitches.



At Stamford Junior School every Year 3 to Year 6 pupil has the opportunity to represent the School in competitive sport. There are over 900 spaces in sports clubs available each term giving pupils the chance to try something new.



Sports at Stamford Junior School

At Stamford we compete in fixtures for 12 sports – cricket, athletics, cross country, hockey, rugby, badminton, gymnastics, netball, swimming, sailing, equestrian and fencing. Of these 8 are IAPS (Independent Association of Prep Schools) competitions: cricket, athletics, cross country, hockey, rugby, gymnastics, swimming and netball.


Fixtures and Results

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Fixtures and results
Fixtures and Results

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