Although our campus is closed, teaching and learning are continuing online. You can contact us by email at with any questions. Find out more about arranging a virtual visit Discover how to apply during the lockdown.

The Stamford community goes far beyond our students, staff and parents. Old Stamfordians stay involved with the Schools through a programme of events; teachers and pupils contribute to hundreds of partnership and outreach events each year; and we work with and support the wider town with a free public lectures programme, by hosting activities, and working in partnership with local residents and the Stamford business community.


Collaboration is one of the four key skills that we embed in every Stamfordian, and students who join us benefit from access to an active and supportive network of current and former staff, parents and pupils. They work with pupils from other schools, and with other community groups, in joint projects.


The Schools have existed as part of Stamford for hundreds of years. As its largest employer, and with three campuses in the centre of town, we have a symbiotic relationship with our town. Our parents are often themselves Old Stamfordians, local residents and business owners.


We are always happy to hear from local charities and organisations to discuss ways that we can work together or provide support. Contact us at

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