Although our campus is closed, teaching and learning are continuing online. You can contact us by email at with any questions. Find out more about arranging a virtual visit Discover how to apply during the lockdown.

Why Choose The Stamford Endowed Schools?

Commitment, care, enthusiasm and integrity underlie every aspect of life at the Stamford Endowed Schools. Our children are educated in an environment where learning is regarded as key to unlocking all of life’s possibilities.


Our teachers dedicate themselves to inspiring intellectual curiosity in the students in evermore innovative ways, whilst doing their utmost to promote and protect the wellbeing of the children in their care.


As a community our Schools work in harmony, blending students of different backgrounds and broadening their horizons with the many opportunities available in and beyond the classroom. As a result, students are equipped not only with exceptional exam results, but a wide range of experiences which prepare them for whatever path they choose in life.


The curriculum provided is broad, balanced and stimulating, to enable all our pupils to achieve their best.


Our School is a caring, friendly and happy place, where pupils thrive because they are supported academically, socially and emotionally.


Our extensive co-curricular programme plays an important part in preparing students in their future lives.


Boarders enjoy a rich daily life and benefit from extended academic support.


Through sport we aim to foster and promote healthy attitudes to physical activity throughout a student’s school career and, more importantly, for life.

The Arts

Creativity is one of the four fundamental attributes we develop in students at the Stamford Endowed Schools.

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