We are delighted to announce that from 2023, Stamford will become fully co-educational at all stages. For more information, please visit Stamfordcoed.org

Why Board at Stamford?

Set in the Georgian town of Stamford, voted by the Sunday Times as ‘The Best Place to Live in Britain’, the area is a wonderful place to live and grow up in. Our boarding houses are small, which ensures pupils and boarding staff feel part of a close-knit community, and no child is ever overlooked. Whilst 80% of our boarders are from the UK, there is a spread of other nationalities giving boarders the opportunity to make friends with pupils from other cultures.

Forces Boarding

Why Board at Stamford?

Don't just take our word for it...

Beautiful mellow limestone buildings, quirky narrow passages and stunning riverside views.”

Good Schools Guide 2019

The town is so lovely, such a safe place for young people to be… And because I love boarding so much, I’m happy enough to stay every weekend.”

Boarding Pupil Year 12

Parents didn’t need to tell us that this is a happy school; we could see it for ourselves.”

Good Schools Guide 2019

Stamford was not just a school to me, it was also a second home, and I am proud to call myself an Old Stamfordian.”

Old Stamfordian 2020

There are informal staff mentors when needed and overall we sensed a concerned, caring staff.”

Good Schools Guide 2019

Our Houses

Stamford has eight boarding houses, each with their own unique personality, scattered throughout the town. We have our co-ed junior house: St Michael’s, boys houses: Byard House, St Paul’s and Browne, and girls houses: St Martin’s House, Welland House, Park House and Wothorpe House. Each house has its own houseparent, and a dedicated team of staff comprising tutors and matrons. Mentoring is a big part of our boarding culture: staff and other students – younger or older – give each other help, support and encouragement without prompting. After school, boarders also receive increased academic support from teachers during homework sessions.


Hear more about our Houses from our Houseparents:

    • Welcome to St Michael’s! We are the Murphy family and we delight in providing a warm, home from home, family experience for the Year 3s to Year 6s. We all eat breakfast and dinner together, around a large family table, and have full access to all the facilities at the Stamford Schools. We have a maximum of 20 Boarders and therefore have a wonderfully healthy staff to pupil ratio; we have six resident staff, as well as two non-resident Matrons and two highly strokable dogs. We offer kindness, structure and help to all of our boarders and allow them to be individuals.

      – Andy Murphy

    • It is an absolute privilege for me and the boarding house staff team to be at the side of the St. Martin’s boarders throughout the first two years of their Secondary School experience.  St Martin’s can simply and best be described as a home from home. The Year 7 and 8 boarders enjoy a well-balanced array of creative activities on most evenings with regular weekly trips and a healthy amount of rest and relaxation to support their physical, mental and social wellbeing.  The St Martin’s boarding experience centres on nurturing a kind and caring community with positivity and fun as its essence, and a true sense of belonging at its heart.
      – Denise Smith

    • Byard House provides a friendly, family based atmosphere, where our young men can flourish and thrive, to grow into successful and happy Stamfordians. Our aim is to enable each other to thrive in an atmosphere of mutual respect and to contribute kindness, humour, tolerance, acceptance and common sense to the everyday pattern of life here.

      Byardians are rightly proud of their House and of the high standards that continue to be both set, and met, by every year group. A team of dedicated and professional House staff are always on hand to provide the very best pastoral and academic care and support for all  of our boys.

      – Anneke Davies

      Photo gallery of life in Byard

    • As soon as you enter Welland House there is no mistaking you are in a very special place. Whether it is the House Crest, traditional family values, warmth, energy, engagement or nurturing pastoral programs, students and staff alike, live with a sense of purpose, identity and comradery. As a non-teaching Houseparent, myself and my family, not only aim to bring the culture and ethos of boarding to life but are devoted to creating motivated, well rounded students who not only develop fundamental life skills but also the tools to navigate adolescence and the specific challenges it presents throughout their middle school years of 9, 10 and 11.
      – Franki Hall

    • St Paul’s House has a reputation for celebrating people’s individual talents and we are determined that it will continue to derive its strength from diversity. Your mid-teens are a brilliant time to work out what sort of person you want to be. We make sure that every St Paul’s boy has the space and the courage to be who they are, and who they want to become. Participation and success on a range of fronts is highly valued: whether you are a talented sportsman, an actor, a musician, an artist, a debater, an academic, some combination of all of these, or someone whose range of talents is yet to be found, you will find your niche in St Paul’s House.
      – A Kersey

    • Sixth Form boarders are based at Park House with their Houseparent Abby Smith, and her family. Park House provides a sense of belonging and each year new students are welcomed to the family with open arms. Being a boarding house full of young adults, there is a respect for one another, and each individual is given their independence. The house sleeps just over 20 students, and so there is always a lively atmosphere.

    • Wothorpe is a wonderful little 19th Century house, home to Sixth Form boarders, which offers a wonderful family feel given its smaller scale. This gives the boarders the opportunity to create a safe space which enables them to be able to relax, study and socialise in a warm and welcoming environment. The staff on duty work closely with the boarders and are always on hand to offer extra support where needed, as well as  enjoying getting involved in the weekly board games! Being part of a close little community, our boarders very much feel a sense of belonging here, making memories together to last a lifetime.

      – Amie White

    • For their final years at Stamford School, students move to Browne House, our Sixth Form Boys’ Boarding House. Browne has an exceptional sense of community and house spirit, where the boys are fiercely loyal both to the house and each other. Students are able to experience a greater degree of independence whilst still fulfilling all that is required of a Stamfordian, as we encourage each boy to foster and develop their unique qualities. Here in Browne House, the students come together, with a shared sense of focus, ambition and determination to succeed as they prepare to move onwards with their lives.

      – Leigh Ware

Explore Our Spaces

We welcome students to have a taster stay in one of our boarding houses. Our boarding house parents would be delighted to talk to your family about boarding at Stamford. Speak to a member of our Admissions team to arrange a virtual meeting.

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Friends for Life

Our boarders spend their time after school studying and spending time with their friends and housemates. This time with friends, collaborating and sharing experiences often leads to very strong bonds being developed and enables life-long friendships – which, as well as supporting each boarder’s wellbeing and happiness while they are at school, is the foundation for a lifelong network for the future. We organise each boarder’s daily life in a way that encourages and supports the formation of strong friendship groups.

Friends for Life

The Stamford Lifestyle, Around the Clock

Boarders enjoy a social life rich in after-school clubs, sports, fun-packed trips at weekends and activities tailored to their age group. And if they want to do something less formal, boarders can meet with their friends in one of the many eateries and coffee shops the town offers. There is a good array of shopping, ranging from small independents to more mainstream stores such as Jack Wills, Joules, White Company and Crew Clothing. The School is a well-respected part of the local community, enabling boarders to become involved with local businesses on community-led projects, charitable events and fundraisers.

The Stamford Lifestyle, Around the Clock

Boarding Packages

We recognise the demands on busy working parents and provide flexible as well as full boarding solutions. For example, several parents work in London one or two days a week and find it challenging to travel back in time for school pick up. In this instance, our flexible boarding options work well.

Our packages include full boarding, weekly (five night) boarding, or three or four night options. You can also book occasional nights, or a Friday/Saturday package, subject to availability.  Boarders can enjoy after school clubs, social activities, weekend trips and make use of our leisure centre and pool, or take advantage of support and advice from tutors and House Parents during homework time.

Full Boarding

Full boarding to meet your needs, with the option to have your children at home on weekends when you have free time.

Full Boarding

Weekly Boarding

Boarding with us for three, four or five nights a week to reduce commuting times significantly.

Weekly Boarding

Flexi Boarding

We offer flexible boarding for your family’s busy evenings, one or two nights a week, or as logistics require. We also offer Friday/Saturday night boarding when weekends are lost to work.


Flexi Boarding

The Right Boarding Option For You

Family Challenge


My children are so happy at Stamford but our daily commute is eating up 10 hours of our time each week; I think their time could be used more productively.

Boarding for three, four or five nights a week will reduce commuting times significantly.

I love that there are so many after school clubs at Stamford for my children to enjoy but with younger children at our local school, who have activities at the same time, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to get back in time in the evening.

Flexible boarding on your family’s busy evenings, for one or two nights a week, or as logistics require.

I work three days a week, Tuesday to Thursday, and my hours mean I finish work at 9pm.

Boarding three nights a week

I work shifts and have to do nights every other week – seven days per week.

Full boarding is most likely to meet your needs, but you can still choose to have your children at home on weekends when you have free time.

My children have settled in brilliantly but we’re moving to Dubai with my work and I would like them to stay at Stamford as they are doing so well.

Full boarding.

I often go away at weekends with work and I’d rather my child stays here to have the chance to do some activities with friends.

Friday/Saturday boarding or three night boarding.

Often because I work long hours during the week, I find it difficult to collect my children from Stamford at pick up. They love the after-school activities, and I was thinking boarding may work, but I really want to spend time with my family at weekends.

Boarding four or five nights a week will let your children pursue their activities, and remove the challenge of juggling long hours, but lets you enjoy family time together two or three nights a week.

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