We are delighted to announce that from 2023, Stamford will become fully co-educational at all stages. For more information, please visit Stamfordcoed.org

Wellbeing Philosophy

At Stamford, the health and wellbeing of all students sits at the heart of everything we do. Our Wellbeing ethos focuses on the achievement and maintenance of physical fitness, as a pupil who is happy is more likely to thrive and achieve their potential. We provide a strong support network through tutors, teachers, boarding staff and nurses who are all available to offer advice and support.

Our Deputy Head (Pastoral) gives our parents regular updates on current health and wellbeing topics such as internet safety, social media and privacy, and advice about the amount of screen time that is healthy for children. We actively promote the importance of positive mental health awareness throughout the school, sharing insights from organisations such as the MHFA England (Mental Health First Aid England).

Our pastoral programme is given the highest priority. As a School we are caring, friendly and know that happy, cared-for children are most likely to thrive. Form Tutors develop good relationships with each member of their set and are quickly able to identify problems. Heads of Year and the Deputy Heads (Pastoral) work together to provide a happy and fulfilling environment for our students.

The house system mixes pupils within each School, providing younger pupils with good role models and creating a sense of responsibility for the senior students. This also allows older students to mentor and support those in lower years.

In the Junior School, the Deputy Head (Pastoral) is supported by all staff to oversee pupil welfare. We provide personal and approachable support for families. Parents and children are encouraged to speak to class teachers, form teachers and the full-time school nurses about any worries. It is fundamental that every child at the School is known as an individual. We hope your child will find the School to be a place of comfort and security, of which they will look forward to returning each day.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Every problem the school has seen before, so they can always deal with it and make you feel ok… You definitely feel supported in everything, you don’t feel you are a nuisance, you feel that everyone knows you and somebody is going to listen to you.

Year 13 Student

Pupils have an excellent awareness of how to ensure their own physical and mental health and safety.

ISI Report 2017

Health & Wellbeing

We have a strong focus on health and wellbeing across all our Schools and see the support of young people’s physical and mental health as a critical element to their success.

Health and wellbeing advice and emotional support are available to pupils and families via the pastoral leads, boarding staff, Heads of Year, tutors, nurses, Chaplain, School Doctor and the school counselling service. Our confidentiality policy enables students to trust in our supporting teams, whilst keeping safeguarding at the forefront of our approach. This means that where there is considered a risk of harm, information is shared appropriately.

The Health and Wellbeing centres at each site offer a calm and safe space for pupils. The nursing team all have extensive experience, allowing them to deliver high standards of holistic and proactive care. Nurse-led ‘drop-in’ clinics are available throughout the school day, and the facilities are well equipped to treat first aid and minor ailments, including managing pupils with long term chronic health conditions.

The centres also provide health promotion and teaching, to equip students with the life skills required to enable them to manage their own health and wellbeing in the long-term.

On-site physiotherapy services are based at the Sports Centre, who work closely with the sports teams to provide Saturday pitch-side emergency first-aid cover, alongside the nurses. The physiotherapist is available for the SES community to use and is provided by Total Health Clinics.

Food & Nutrition

A good balanced diet helps us to encourage a healthy lifestyle and provide our pupils with the nutrition to perform to the best of their ability, both academically and outside of the classroom. All of our meals use fresh ingredients, freshly cooked daily on-site, with a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fresh fruit and vegetables, and the inclusion of oily fish. Our menus are based on a 3-week cycle for lunch and supper to ensure a good variety of meal choices through the school day.

Sample Menu

The nursery and lower key stage children receive milk daily, a morning and afternoon snack, and a dinner option is also offered. All food at Stamford Junior School is produced with no additional salt, and limited sugars and fats. Senior school students have the option of a hot meat, vegetarian, carbohydrate choice or daily special main course, baked potatoes, fresh salad and home-produced sandwiches and rolls. For dessert, there is always a selection of fresh fruit or a dessert of the day. Deep-fried products are only served once a week and everything else is oven-baked, keeping the fat content to a minimum.

Very little processed food is served, with the majority of food being prepared fresh and cooked on site. We use local suppliers such as King’s Cliffe bakery, Fowler’s Free Range Eggs and Priory Free Range Foods. Our other fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered from Norfolk and local produce is ordered when in season.  The dried, frozen and meat produce (with all meat other than bacon being British) are all delivered through one supplier, daily, from Bedford.

Dietary requirements are a very important part of production. On a daily basis, we cater to a number of allergies and diets including vegan,  gluten-free and dairy-free. We also cater for any other medical requirements such as diabetes, FODMAP diets and many others. On occasion, we encounter children with eating disorders, and in this situation, we liaise with the parents and pupils to arrange meals that are suitable for the pupils and encourage them to enjoy mealtime.

We serve on average 272,000 lunches per year, and 47,600 boarders’ breakfasts and suppers; giving a yearly figure of 367,200 meals.




The Chapel is at located at the centre of Stamford School. When the schools are open, the Chapel is open for any student, member of staff or parent to use. There are regular services on Sundays and most days during the week, where we celebrate the important festivals and occasions; including Advent, Christmas, Remembrance and Commemoration.

Our values reflect the faith upon which the Stamford Endowed Schools were founded.  We are a Christian foundation and as such welcome students of all faiths and none.  We hope to share values that we can all find in common; reverence for life, service, compassion, forgiveness, justice, community, humility, friendship and thankfulness.

The Chapel has had an interesting history and is one of the oldest buildings at the Schools. It is situated on the remains of St. Paul’s Church, one of the towns medieval churches built around 1152. At some point during the reformation the building was part demolished and used as a classroom for what was a fledgeling Stamford School, after being left to the School by William Cecil, Lord Burghley, the chief advisory and secretary of state, and lord high treasurer to Queen Elizabeth I. During late 1929s the to early 30s the building was extended to its original length and restored for ecclesiastical use as the chapel of the Stamford Endowed Schools. It includes a memorial to those of the School community who had died during the First and Second World War and in May 1954 the building became Grade II listed.

Reverend Matthew Phillips joined as the Schools’ Chaplain of the from the beginning of the Summer Term 2022. Matthew teaches Philosophy and Ethics as well as supporting the outdoor education of the Schools. He also has a keen interest in the dramatic arts.

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